Banting Meal Plan Week-II
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Here we go a complete Banting Meal Plan guide for beginner to advanced level. For all week and month plans, short instructions are written keenly.

Tim Noakes Start Banting 2.0 which is very helpful for Banting and Weight Loss Followers. But everybody wants to know about the simple information they don’t have enough time to study E-Books for weight loss they just want to lose their weight as soon as possible.

Here’s a sample 7 day eating plan based on the low-carb Banting/Tim Noakes diet which is very similar to the healthy Paleo diet; Atkins and Banting suggested low-carbohydrate diet plans, the South Beach does away with bad carbohydrates and fats, and the Beverly Hills diet wants weight watchers to go with an all-fruit meal. The Banting Eating Plan is a weight loss program adapted by William Harvey which ultimately relies on high fat and low carbohydrates for optimum weight loss.

So here we go a simple and complete guide for starting a Banting Meal Plan

7 Day Banting Meal Plan

Banting Meal Plan
Banting Meal Plan – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Banting Meal Plan Week-I

Follow Simple Recipe Schedule for Week-I.

So let’s get started

Day 1 (Monday)

  • Breakfast  – 2 eggs, bacon, and avocado
  • Lunch – Mixed vegetables
  • Snack – Can of tuna
  • Dinner – Steak with broccoli and leafy vegetables

Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • Breakfast – Eggs and one sweet potato
  • Lunch – Soup
  • Snack – almonds and berries
  • Dinner – Chicken breast with Greek salad

Day 3 (Wednesday)

  • Breakfast – Eggs and steak
  • Lunch – Vegetables and cold cut meats
  • Snack – Nuts
  • Dinner – Chicken breasts and vegetables

Day 4 (Thursday)

  • Breakfast – Coconut milk smoothie
  • Lunch – Chicken breast with Greek salad
  • Snack – Nuts
  • Dinner – Dried tomato pesto bacon wrapped meatloaf rounds

Day 5 (Friday)

  • Breakfast – Berries with milk or yogurt with nuts
  • Lunch – Bacon and tomato sandwich wrapped in lettuce
  • Snack – Eggs
  • Dinner – Fish with spinach

Day 6 (Saturday)

  • Breakfast – Tomato with eggs and bacon
  • Lunch – Steak with salad
  • Snack – ½ apple
  • Dinner – Fresh vegetables with pork

Day 7 (Sunday)

  • Breakfast – Eggs and veggies
  • Lunch – Fish with vegetables
  • Snack – Avocado
  • Dinner – Beef with vegetables

Hopefully, This 7 day Banting Meal Plan schedule work for you to lose weight as soon as possible.

14 Day Banting Meal Plan

If you want a long-term plan for Banting Diet, you should follow our Banting Meal Plan week-II.

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Useful Tips

If you have any problem with weight loss, you should reduce dairy products consumption or exclude completely if possible. Dairy items are used for the individuals who want to follow the Banting diet way’s of eating, but If your goal is weight loss then you should only consume it in moderation.


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